Wowe Toothbrush Set of 4

$ 15.00

Help keep ALL of those PLASTIC toothbrushes out of the oceans and landfills with these bamboo toothbrush sets.
Each pack comes with 4 individually numbered toothbrushes numbered 1-4.
The smooth & natural bamboo handle will never splinter and is water resistant. Stronger and harder than wood, Bamboo is also more durable and healthier than any plastic. No need to dry the handle after use, just rinse your toothbrush and put back into its holder.

4 PACK OF TOOTHBRUSHES will last one person a full year. Grab a pack for each person in your household. 

Available in:

* Adult - Soft bristles for ease in brushing.

* Charcoal - naturally kills bacteria helping keep your mouth clean!

* Children's - Great for children ages 1-9

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